About Us

Games are what we do best

Memomoti is an easy-to-use platform where you can add anything you need to learn and memorize directly into a digital game of your choice. Memomoti turns mind-numbing repetition into a fun game that feels just like playtime.

We at eduGamiTec are dreamers, doers, developers. We want to bridge education with the world of digital entertainment. We want to make learning enjoyable and personalized. We want to make screen time count.

Our solution, Memomoti, is a scalable technology and community platform at the center of an educational, media and gaming ecosystem that allows learners, parents, teachers, publishers, and digital media businesses to easily combine their educational content with the latest and most entertaining games and media content to make learning joyful and motivating.

CEO Gira Szakmár, a game developer herself, came up with Memomoti while designing games for her two daughters as she was homeschooling them during lockdown. The idea of Memomoti was born when Gira saw her kids be excited about even the most boring homework exercise, once it was gamified.

Our game statistics based AI-driven assessment system adjusts the difficulty of the games to each child's current needs.
Our machine learning-based system is first fed by the educational content provided and validated by our users, with the future capability of automatically ingesting open-source educational data pools.

Our mission: Change in education

We at eduGamiTec created Memomoti because we want to see our kids grow up in a world where learning tools aren’t as ancient as they were in our time. We want our kids’ screen time to be a healthy, fun, meaningful part of their daily routine. We want them to discover the joy of learning.

According to the WHO, on average 40% of 11-year-old children spend more than 2 hours every day playing video games. We can try to go against this tendency – or we can go with the flow and convert those hours into something truly meaningful.

For kids to stay motivated, learning needs to feel like flow – a state of the mind described by Hungarian psychologist Mihály Csikszentmihályi, where sufficient skill meets an enjoyable challenge. In flow, we are completely engaged and focused, and we are having tremendous fun!

For kids to stay motivated, learning needs to be enjoyably challenging. By mixing homework with playtime, kids can use skills that are different than those required of them at school or while writing homework. With Memomoti, children can reach the state of flow – all while doing their homework.

About CEO Gira Szakmár

I am a game developer. Play is my go-to solution. So when my two daughters came home from school and needed help with the multiplication table or German vocabulary, I designed digital games for them to practice.

It was an efficient solution, my kids loved the games. Instead of mind-numbing repetition and one fill-in exercise after another, suddenly learning was a game. I tried to follow the curriculum, but if you’re a parent, you know how this story ends – next to a full-time job, this was just too much effort. But watching my kids be excited by homework was a powerful inspiration – and it led me to create Memomoti.

Memomoti was the solution we needed all along! And by we, I mean all of us: Parents, who spend hours trying to convince their kids to sit down and do five more minutes of homework. Children, who are burnt out from the old-school methods of studying. And educators, who want to bring education to the digital age.